Journey of Education from blackboard to mobile app

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Education has undergone tremendous changes from yester years till today. Throughout history and present day, meaning and methods of education have changed and are changing continuously. And it seems that this journey of education will continue till eternity.

Till few years back, education was confined to mere classrooms and schools. Learning started and ended with the school hours. The blackboard was the window to outside world and the vast knowledge and the teachers were the only source to this knowledge.

Over the years, gradually, the scope of education widened and learning stepped out of the school walls. Development of public libraries, access to encyclopedias, biographies and newspapers; popularization of radio and television harbingered the advancement in the field of education. The ‘sources’ to learn from, widened for the students.

With the progress of science and technology, not a single field remained aloof from its influence. Education also went through the embrace of technological influence. Technology has played an important role in raising the pedestal of learning. Starting from personal computers, technology brought about an entire new face of education and revolutionized the learning as well as teaching experience. Computer aided learning induced an interest in pupils and changed their outlook towards education. This interest was further escalated with the arrival of internet and methods of e-learning.

The classroom was no more a boring and monotonous place for pupils rather it exposed them to a wide variety of experiences as now the classroom has become ‘smart’. Imparting education through power point presentations, projectors and screen has made learning simpler and easier and even fun. Students can understand the concepts in a better manner than before as they now are made understand through multimedia and life like images and videos. Smart classrooms have expanded the mental horizons of students as they learn and comprehend by visualizing and imagining things which is off course a better way to learn than cramming from books.

As the journey of education continued, it reached its next destination which is mobile learning. Mobiles have made education handy. A person can learn from anywhere and everywhere through a small device in their hand named ‘Smartphone.’ The sea of knowledge can be accessed through just ‘one click.’ Just like educational software in smart classrooms, various educational mobile apps have been developed to enrich the process of learning. Internet access through Wi-Fi connectivity in smartphone allows real time information. Mobiles are even replacing notebooks and books as everything is available in electronic form. Students also have access to lectures of professors from universities other than their own through internet. M-learning is even helpful to those who don’t have access to education or who have completed their formal education but still want to learn as it is also a cost effective way of learning.

Technology today has very well amalgamated in education; but it is not the end rather it is just the beginning. The coming age is of intelligent campuses, personalized intelligent avatar like tutors, learning clouds and what not which also prove that Education has miles more to go.

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