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Faculties, in modern times, always face new challenges in terms of growing needs of students and increasing requirements of the industry. With more and more advancements going on in the field of research and IT, focus should be turned towards the overall development of the educational platform.

EduOS is that development. EduOS for faculties aims at simplifying the faculties’ knowledge imparting procedure and enables large scale propagation of information in a short period of time. Faculties can add lectures, make schedules, adjust time-tables and share notes with their class using the EduOS platform.

EduOS for faculties includes applications such as
With the help of these and many other applications instructors, professors and lecturers can easily connect with their students and impart world-class, relevant and up-to-date knowledge to their students and ensure that they are ready to face the challenges of the industry.

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EduOS provides all the above functionalities and much more. It is essentially a cloud-based Operating system that you can run right inside your web browser to access each and every component of the functioning of your institute. It allows superior and complete resource management besides helping students and faculty access an infinite pool of resources and educational content anywhere, anytime. EduOS is the base for establishing communities of learning which will foster the growth of each other, making education much more interactive.

EduOS penetrates right to the very roots of the functioning of any educational organization and provides cost-efficient, fast, agile and complete management control. EduOS adapts to your requirements and always works in its optimum capability.

With EduOS you can be assured of everything else being fine and concentrate solely on developing an intelligent learning environment at your campus…

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